Estate Planning And Probate Attorneys Who Can Help

Planning for the security of your spouse and children after you're gone is a sign of your love and concern. When you prepare a will or a trust, when you communicate your wishes about medical treatment and end-of-life care, you spare your family from difficult decisions during stressful times.

Turn to the estate planning lawyers at Gormley and Johnson Law Offices, PLC, to begin the process of preparing your estate plan or administering an estate in through probate. With offices in Howell and Fowlerville, we serve clients across Michigan. When you contact us, we can walk you through the process and prepare complete, accurate paperwork, including:

  • Legal wills and trusts
  • Medical powers of attorney ("living wills")
  • Durable powers of attorney (finances)
  • Succession planning for small-business owners
  • Premarital agreements for families with significant assets or couples entering a second or subsequent marriage
  • Conservatorships to allow you to handle an aged parent's financial affairs
  • Guardianships to allow you to make medical and other decisions for an elder or disabled family member

Protect Yourself With Powers Of Attorney And Other Directives

Powers of attorneys are among the most important estate planning documents. These ensure that your wishes are honored, and your affairs are taken care of, if you become unable to speak for yourself. There are two types of power of attorney as well as a variety of health care directives we can help you prepare:

  • Durable power of attorney is a document that allows continuity of your financial needs in the event you cannot, or choose not to, do so yourself [for instance, you are in a coma]. This does refer to a lawyer but, rather, a person whom you trust to act on your behalf regarding your financial affairs. A Michigan durable power of attorney is terminated in a number of ways. For example, your death automatically terminates a power of attorney; or you may execute a new durable power of attorney which then terminates the power given under the previous instrument.
  • Medical powers of attorney, patient designations, health care directives and living wills are all documents that speak of your health care desires in the event you cannot speak for yourself. A medical power appoints a "patient advocate" whom you vest with authority to make certain medical care and treatment decisions on your behalf when you are unable to do so. Pregnancy, accidents and severe illnesses all can cause people to become incapacitated or unable to make doctors and others aware of their desires regarding life-sustaining procedures or resuscitation. We are available to meet with you and your family members or friends in Shiawassee, Livingston, Ingham, Genesee or other county hospitals and locations should those individuals be unable to travel to our office in Fowlerville.

Your Guides Through The Probate Process

Probate is the legal process involving the administration of a person's estate after the person dies. Some cases can be simple; others are quite complex.

Probate involves opening a court case and appointing a personal representative to administer the payment of creditors, decide issues, and distribute property to heirs or beneficiaries of the deceased person. This can be a complicated process that many people are completely unprepared for when confronted with these situations. While Michigan law is utilized in all probate courts statewide, the exact process can differ depending on the court or the judge assigned to the case when it is opened. Judges' practices vary from county to county, and from Howell to Corunna.

Our experienced attorneys are prepared to guide you through the probate process as expediently and effectively as possible.

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