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Protect your family with a will before traveling

The fall and winter are seasons where families travel for many reasons. Whether a family travels for a vacation or because of the many holidays in the coming months, these travels always include a risk that many parents do not want to consider: Something tragic may befall the parents while traveling, leaving children and relatives scrambling to pick up the pieces.

Can You Be Charged With A DUI In Your Own Driveway?

There are often odd or unusual DUI cases where a challenge is made to the validity of criminal DUI charges - if you are on a lawnmower, bicycle, if you aren't actually driving (but have the keys) - and most recently whether a person could be charged when they are on their own driveway.

Is my spouse hiding assets in our divorce?

When any marriage begins to fall apart, especially those with significant assets, it is easy for distrust to become a factor in the divorce process. Many people believe that their spouse is trying to cheat them out of a fair divorce settlement by hiding assets.

Does fault affect divorce in Michigan?

Many people facing divorce in Michigan have questions about how one or both spouse's behavior during the marriage may affect the property division process. This is a reasonable question and one that is not as simple as a "yes" or "no" answer.

Can I modify a child custody or support order?

Many Michigan parents find that, after their divorce finalizes, they strongly disagree with their child support or custody arrangements. In some cases, it may be a support order than a parent cannot sustain on their current income, or may be a custody arrangement that does not practically fit with the parent's life circumstances.

You may face many types of alimony

When you and your spouse divorce, and you were the primary income earner, you may face several types of alimony. When we talk about alimony in casual conversation, we often discuss it as one, great big monolithic thing. However, "alimony" and "spousal support" are broad terms that describe several different ways that one spouse may give money to the other in a number of different arrangements.

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