When you have been through a divorce or separation and you coparent your children with your former partner, it is likely that you receive child support payments to help you to pay for the basics of raising your children. These child support payments were probably put in place at the time of your divorce or separation. They can be amended when circumstances change, for example when the parent paying the child support loses a job.

If you — as the person receiving the child support — are planning on getting married, you may be wondering whether this will mean that changes will be made in regard to the child support order. It is important that you take time to understand how the law works in regard to child support in the state of Michigan so that you can be confident in your rights and take action when necessary.

Will child support orders be affected when I remarry?

Child support orders take into account only the financial situations of the two parents involved. In the majority of situations, any remarriages will not affect the order that has been placed in regard to child support. Usually a child support order is made based on a simple calculation of parental income. However, appeals can be made if one parent believes that the order in question is unfair or unjust based on the specific circumstances.

Can I decide that I no longer want to receive child support when I remarry?

If you think that you no longer want to receive child support from the other parent when you remarry, you can consider taking action. While it is possible to do this, it may be seen as an opportunity to distance yourself and your child from your former partner. Even if you do not need the child support for basic purchases, your child will likely benefit from the child support when it is put to good use. It could be put in a college fund, for example, so that it can be used in the future.

If you have concerns or questions about how child support works in the state of Michigan, it is important to conduct adequate research and take action when you believe it to be necessary.