For the safety and convenience of our clients, we also offer the options to meet via video conference or by telephone.

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At Gormley & Johnson Law Offices, PLC we have been very busy during the recent Stay-at-Home Executive Orders, which have temporarily limited our ability to assist our clients in our usual face-to-face manner. The Law Office is excited to share with you the changes we have been making at the office, all designed to protect all our clients and staff.

Some of the physical changes you will notice in the office:

1.  A new wall and two access windows have been installed in the reception area. Both windows will have sliding glass and trays to exchange documents in a safe manner;
2.  A new, ultraviolet light sanitization system has been installed on our ventilation system to quickly and cleanly eliminate potentially harmful contaminates like allergens, bacteria, or viruses from spreading through the office;
3.  We have temporarily removed the coffee machine and mini-fridge from the front reception area to minimize the spread of contaminates through those frequently accessed devices. If you would like a water or coffee, we will deliver it directly to you in the conference room utilizing a safe, disposable container;
4.  All magazines, toys, and other items have been temporarily removed to minimize possible transmission of harmful contaminates;
5.  We continue to use scrupulous cleaning and disinfecting protocols based upon CDC recommendations to protect against COVID-19 transmission. Additionally, sanitation schedules for commonly touched surfaces are in place in the conference rooms, bathrooms, reception area as well as the rest of the office; and
6.  Hand sanitizing station have been located in the front reception area, as well as other areas of the office.

Beginning Thursday, June 4, 2020, we will again be offering in-person, office consultations. For the protection of staff and clients, everyone should anticipate undergoing a pre-screening interview when they enter the front reception area. A short set of standardized questions about your current health will be used to approve people for admittance to the conference rooms from the reception area. These questions are similar to the questions you are asked at many offices before being admitted during this Covid-19 pandemic. Questions such as have you or anyone in your household experienced any of the following symptoms in the last 14 days:

sore throat vomiting persistent cough
shortness of breath diarrhea body temperature over 100° F
nausea muscle aches unexplained loss of smell or taste

Everyone will be asked if anyone in their household has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days. Finally, everyone’s temperature will be taken using a infrared (non-touching) thermometer on their forehead to confirm they do not have a temperature over 100°F. These questions are for your protection and that of our staff. Our staff undergoes a similar screening process multiple times a day.

We ask that you call the office when you arrive, wait outside in your car, and we will call you when it is time to enter the office, where you will be greeted by staff. This is being done to maintain social distancing requirements as much as possible in our small reception area for the safety of everyone.

As our conference rooms are small, it is hard to maintain 6 feet of social distancing inside. Everyone will be expected to wear a mask while in the office, as recommended by the CDC and the latest Executive Orders.

We kindly ask that you limit the number of people attending any in-office appointments to only the number of people necessary to answer your legal questions. We also have numerous teleconferencing options if you prefer not to appear in-person at our office. We gladly welcome and can set up consultations by telephone, Zoom, and other video conferencing methods.

When the time is right, we are eager and ready to safely welcome you back into the office. As always we continue to be readily available to you, by:

Main office telephone number at (517)223-3758
Fax at (517)223-8233

John L. Gormley
e-mail to “[email protected]
Mr.Gormley’s cell at (517)719-7391

Christopher S. Johnson
email to “[email protected]
Mr.Johnson’s cell at (517)242-1040