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Experienced Livingston County Michigan Criminal Defense Guidance

Were you picked up for drunk driving after a night out with friends? Has your teenager been charged with shoplifting or vandalism? Is a family member facing the loss of a driver’s license because he or she was caught driving on a suspended license?

Contact criminal defense lawyer John L. Gormley at Gormley Law Offices, PLC, in Brighton, Fowlerville and surrounding Livingston County, MI communities. With extensive courtroom experience and understanding of how prosecutors handle criminal cases, he defends people facing these and other felony and misdemeanor charges in Michigan criminal courts:

  • Driving and traffic charges: Drunk driving (DUI / OWI), driving on a suspended license, driving on a revoked license, speeding, reckless driving, moving violations
  • Drug and alcohol charges: Drug possession, sale, possession with intent to sell, underage drinking, minor in possession of alcohol, disorderly person
  • Domestic violence and assault: Abuse, assault, and violation of protective orders
  • Theft crimes: Shoplifting, bad checks, burglary, theft, larceny, embezzlement
  • Criminal sexual conduct: Prostitution, statutory rape and other sex crime charges
  • Juvenile crimes (in juvenile or adult court): Shoplifting, malicious destruction of property, vandalism, fighting, burglary

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Providing Aggressive Criminal Defense

Too many people think that if they have been charged with a crime — particularly if it’s drunk driving — they have no options. That is simply not true. The prosecutor’s office may not have the evidence to back up their claims and a thorough, prepared defense attorney can make that clear to a judge or jury. A case may be made for reduced charges or alternative sentencing options.

It is essential to talk to an attorney as soon as possible after you have been charged especially with a Michigan drunk driving charge. You face the possible loss of your driver’s license.

When you contact Gormley Law Offices, PLC, we will take the time to understand your situation. We will explain the legal process and the laws that affect your particular case, and we will guide you through the process so you always know what to expect and what your options may be. You are a part of the legal defense team, and you will always be fully informed.

Put Knowledge And Experience To Work In Your Defense

Defense attorney John L. Gormley is an aggressive trial attorney with extensive experience handling both criminal prosecution and defense. He has worked extensively in the county courts handling other areas, including abuse and neglect cases, parental rights termination, juvenile delinquency, and juvenile-to-adult waivers. He can also advise you about pursuing an expungement of your criminal record.

Juvenile Criminal Cases

Many people think a juvenile criminal record is not serious, so they trust their young person’s defense to an inexperienced attorney. A juvenile record does not just go away. It can have lifelong consequences in terms of education and employment, and an inappropriate juvenile sentence can make the situation worse, rather than better.

Get Us Working For You Today

Our firm is based in Fowlerville and serves nearby Livingston County communities, including Lansing, East Lansing, Brighton and Howell. If you or your child is facing charges in juvenile or adult court, contact a defense lawyer who will give you and your young person the attention your case deserves. This is very serious, and with the proper guidance, we may be able to help turn this situation around. Call us at 517-219-9301 today.