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Violent Crime Representation

In Michigan, sentences delivered for violent crimes tend to be more severe than those for nonviolent crimes carrying the same maximum potential jail term. There are also collateral damages of a conviction for a violent offense like assault and battery or domestic violence. You could lose your job or be denied employment because of an assault conviction on your record. Certain professions like teaching, law enforcement, medical care and child care may exclude people with assault convictions on their records.

However, there are many defenses that may be available to you if you face an assault charge. At Gormley Law Offices, PLC, in Livingston County, MI, we have spent decades helping our clients achieve the best possible results to their legal problems. Contact us today for a free consultation so we can start building your defense. Call 517-219-9301.

Possible Defenses We Can Use On Your Behalf

The best criminal defense strategy possible depends on the circumstances of your case as well as your goals. We may be able to resolve your case outside of court by negotiating a favorable plea deal or even getting the charges dropped if we can find grounds for a dismissal. As accomplished trial attorneys, we are prepared to fight for you in court if necessary.

Not all criminal defense attorneys have the skills or resources to go to trial. Ask any lawyer you hire about his or her trial experience.

We will review the circumstances of your arrest to develop your defense:

  • Were you defending yourself at the time of the alleged assault? We may argue that you acted in self-defense.
  • Were you defending someone else at the time of the alleged assault?
  • Were you the victim of a crime or a bystander rather than a perpetrator?
  • Have the police made an error, such as mistaken identity?
  • Did police violate your rights during the arrest or investigation? If so, it may be possible to have the charges thrown out?
  • What kind of physical evidence is available? Often, particularly in cases of domestic violence, it will be a case of the accuser’s word against yours. Is there a reason your accuser would fabricate allegations?
  • Were alcohol or drugs involved? If so, the judge may appreciate you seeking treatment. We can help you explore such options.

As we investigate your case and learn your situation, we will inform you of your options and provide you with our honest and skilled assessment of your case.

Talk To A Criminal Defense Attorney For Free

Call Gormley Law Offices, PLC, at 517-219-9301 for a free criminal defense consultation, or send us an email. We have offices in Howell and Fowlerville, and we also represent clients in the nearby communities of Brighton, Lansing and East Lansing.