Efficient Resolutions To Divorce Concerns

At Gormley and Johnson Law Offices, PLC, our attorneys are here to guide you through the divorce process with skill and empathy. Our Howell and Fowlerville attorneys have in-depth experience at trial, which greatly benefits our clients when divorce disputes proceed to litigation. However, litigation is never our first choice. Our primary mission is to help you resolve your concerns in the most economical and efficient manner possible.

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We are here to assist with all aspects of the divorce process, including the following:

  • Marital property division, including the division of IRAs, 401(k) accounts, pension plans and other retirement accounts
  • Child support orders intended to help one parent contribute financially to his or her children’s care
  • Child custody agreements and parenting times schedules that truly work for each family

Exploring The Benefits Of Divorce Mediation

When possible and appropriate, we encourage our clients to participate in mediation to begin the process of reaching an agreement in property division, child custody and parenting time matters. We support our clients through that process. If an agreement cannot be reached, the process of mediation has often still allowed the clients to have a greater understanding of the issues and their own goals.

Taking A Strategic Approach To Litigation

When it is necessary to take your divorce or child custody case to court, we are experienced legal advocates who know when to take a strategic approach. You may or may not get everything you want in an initial court order. By carefully structuring your agreement, we can often put you in a better position if you need to go back to court later.

We Have The Experience You Seek

Our knowledge of real estate, finance and business law benefits clients with more complex marital assets, as well as clients who believe that a spouse is not being honest about his or her income from self-employment. We work hard to get the property division agreements our clients deserve. Our years of experience can also benefit you in all other aspects of divorce.

To learn more, schedule a free initial consultation by calling our Howell or Fowlerville office at 517-219-9301. We serve Livingston County and surrounding communities like Brighton, Lansing and East Lansing. You can also contact Gormley and Johnson Law Offices, PLC, online.