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Will postnuptial agreement affect Matt Lauer's divorce?

In an explosion of revelations about sexual harassment involving famous and powerful men, perhaps one of the most shocking for many in Michigan was the revelation that NBC's "Today Show" host Matt Lauer had allegedly assaulted numerous women on the NBC staff. Overnight, Lauer was released from his multi-million dollar contract and fired from his job, even as more women came forward to accuse him of wrongdoing. Now, Lauer's wife, Annette Roque, is reportedly seeking a divorce, and many wonder how the couple's postnuptial agreement will affect the outcome.

Who pays shared debts after a divorce?

After marriage, couples often build a life together that may include taking on shared debt. If they help each other through college, buy a home, purchase cars and raise children, they likely amass thousands in debt. It may seem like this is just another part of married life until the marriage begins to falter. What happens to all that debt when a couple files for divorce?

Contempt is the number 1 divorce predictor

It seems as if researchers are constantly studying the reasons why marriages break up. While some studies come up with far-fetched causes for divorce, others make more sense and may help Michigan couples who are willing to take an honest look at themselves. One psychologist has studied married couples for decades, and he has named one behavior as an almost certain predictor of divorce.

Study ranks rate of divorce based on occupations

Whether from a desire to find a solution or simply a fascination with statistics, analysts continue to study and rearrange data concerning marriages and divorces. Michigan couples may be encouraged one year and frustrated the next to hear the interpretation of data that supports longevity in marriage before dousing hope with dismal news of high divorce rates. Recently, however, a study has ranked divorce potential according to employment industries.

Dealing with divorce without losing one's job

In the middle of personal tragedies, sometimes the hardest thing to deal with is that life goes on. While going through a divorce, there are still bills to pay, dishes to wash and laundry to fold. The grass will continue to go and the boss will expect employees to show up -- even those going through marital troubles. Michigan couples may struggle with this and wonder how best to behave at the office when things at home are falling apart.

Infertility may not be indicator of divorce

Many Michigan couples who marry look forward to raising children. In fact, for some, having children is a lifelong dream, and they may plan for it years ahead of getting married by making lists of baby names, reading books about child rearing and even buying baby clothes. However, when time passes after the wedding and no children arrive, the couple may begin to have concerns about fertility. In some circles, it has long been assumed that infertility is one leading cause of divorce.

Getting finances in order before a divorce

Many people in Michigan understand the importance of planning ahead for a wedding, but few may realize the potentially devastating consequences of failing to plan when a marriage is ending. While divorce is usually a complicated and emotional matter, it may be even more so for those who have been married long enough for their finances to become entangled. When this is the case, careful preparation may mean a more positive financial future.

New theory connects divorce rates with salary differences

Statistics show that the numbers of people who marry and those who divorce fluctuate annually. People in Michigan seem to be interested in new research showing what predicts a successful marriage and what may indicate a couple is heading for divorce. New research presents another theory for why a couple may end up in divorce court, and that theory centers on salaries.

Divorce happens for many reasons, studies show

A fairy-tale wedding does not always mean happily ever after. In fact, some studies show that the more a couple spends on a wedding, the more likely they are to end in divorce. The reason for this may be that many couples -- who now spend an average of $26,600 on a wedding -- may also have student loans and other debt that causes tension and strain between the new husband and wife. However, fancy weddings may not be the only predictor that a Michigan marriage will not end happily.

The upside of divorce

When people talk about divorce, they usually focus on the negative aspects. They talk about fighting over the kids and complain about an unfair settlement. They speak of the emotional distress and having to start over. What they do not talk about are the benefits of being divorced.

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