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Does fault affect divorce in Michigan?

Many people facing divorce in Michigan have questions about how one or both spouse's behavior during the marriage may affect the property division process. This is a reasonable question and one that is not as simple as a "yes" or "no" answer.

Steps involved in estate administration and probate

Very few people in Michigan pass away after having resolved all of their financial issues. In most cases, they leave behind bills to pay, taxes and perhaps other debt. Additionally, they may have assets, the documentation of which might be scattered in various places. Estate administration and probate are essential for bringing those issues to closure. While some may think probate is something to avoid, in many circumstances, it is necessary to bring a fair resolution to one's unfinished business.

Can I modify a child custody or support order?

Many Michigan parents find that, after their divorce finalizes, they strongly disagree with their child support or custody arrangements. In some cases, it may be a support order than a parent cannot sustain on their current income, or may be a custody arrangement that does not practically fit with the parent's life circumstances.

Child custody during summer takes planning

If a Michigan parent was disorganized before a divorce, finding that sense of organization will be crucial after the divorce, especially if the couple has children. When school is out, child custody arrangements may drastically change. When it comes to scheduling vacations, last minute decisions may not go over well.

Criminal defense can protect the rights of accused re drug crimes

Drug charges sometimes result from the violation of the civil rights of the accused. Law enforcement, in their zeal to rid the streets of potentially deadly drugs, may overstep their boundaries, using entrapment, illegal searches or other questionable tactics to achieve their goals. For this reason, those who are accused of drug crimes, even infractions or misdemeanors, would do well to protect their rights with the help of a criminal defense attorney.

You may face many types of alimony

When you and your spouse divorce, and you were the primary income earner, you may face several types of alimony. When we talk about alimony in casual conversation, we often discuss it as one, great big monolithic thing. However, "alimony" and "spousal support" are broad terms that describe several different ways that one spouse may give money to the other in a number of different arrangements.

Getting finances in order before a divorce

Many people in Michigan understand the importance of planning ahead for a wedding, but few may realize the potentially devastating consequences of failing to plan when a marriage is ending. While divorce is usually a complicated and emotional matter, it may be even more so for those who have been married long enough for their finances to become entangled. When this is the case, careful preparation may mean a more positive financial future.

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