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Child custody during summer takes planning

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2017 | Child Custody

If a Michigan parent was disorganized before a divorce, finding that sense of organization will be crucial after the divorce, especially if the couple has children. When school is out, child custody arrangements may drastically change. When it comes to scheduling vacations, last minute decisions may not go over well.

Planning ahead for summer activities is an important part of a parenting plan since most orders set deadlines for notifying co-parents of vacation plans. Further, a parent intending to travel out of the country with the children may find there are legal steps to take first, including receiving notarized permission from a co-parent. Organizing and packing for children includes proof of health insurance, immunizations and any medications.

Communication with the other parent may set the tone for future cooperation. Leaving an itinerary is not only considerate, but it may also be required by the terms of a custody arrangement. Additionally, once a parent has reached his or her vacation destination, allowing the children to contact the co-parent may ease any worries or concerns of the parent left behind.

Family advocates advise parents not to consider vacation plans a competition by trying to outdo one another in scope or extravagance. Often, the children just want to enjoy time with their parents and make memories together. Nevertheless, if a parent is finding it difficult to work with his or her co-parent regarding summer child custody plans, the advice and guidance of an attorney may be helpful. A Michigan attorney will suggest steps to take within the boundaries of one’s court order or, if necessary, file for a modification in court.

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