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February 2017 Archives

When trustees violate the terms of trusts

As the name implies, a trustee is someone in whom people place their trust. When it comes to trusts, a trustee is the person named to manage the assets according to the specific terms in the document. It can be a devastating thing to learn that a trustee has broken his or her honor and misused the faith people have placed in him or her.

Legislation seeks compassionate treatment of pets during divorce

To some people, pets are more than animals -- they are family. Michigan pet owners may have been wondering when the courts would change the way they deal with animals in divorce cases. In most states, pets are considered property, and they are divided the same way furniture and garden tools are divided. In numerous instances, pet owners have asked in vain for judges to decide on custody and visitation arrangements for their dogs or cats.

Does my divorce threaten my inheritance?

One of the most complicated aspects of many divorces is determining a fair settlement and division of marital assets. However, when one or both partners received an inheritance during the marriage, what is fair can take on a totally different meaning. After all, most people do not save their whole lives just to have half of what they left to an heir taken because a marriage did not last.

Criminal defense needed for men charged in home-invasion murder

When a crime occurs, there are usually circumstances that may mitigate the seriousness of the action. At the time of one's arrest, those circumstances may remain unknown. Often this results in the harshest charges being filed against the accused. It remains for an experienced criminal defense team to bring those details to light in order to ensure justice is served in the courtroom. Two Michigan men are likely each focused on preparing a criminal defense following a recent incident.

Overnight child custody for fathers benefits children and parents

A recent university study may give hope to fathers in Michigan who long for more time with their children after a divorce. While commonly accepted research indicates that children benefit from equal time with mothers and fathers, child custody is typically granted to mothers of infants and toddlers. However, the latest study shows that infants also reap the benefits of more time with dad.

Getting through a divorce without losing your assets

As divorce rates continue to soar for adults over 50 - particularly for baby boomers 65 and older - many divorcing spouses worry about splitting up their assets. Those with significant assets to protect have misgivings about losing what they worked a lifetime to enjoy.

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