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Probate Can Be A Headache. We Can Help You Through It.

At Gormley Law Offices, PLC, we’ve long recommended that people develop estate plans. There are numerous benefits, but perhaps the most important one is that a well-developed estate plan can help you avoid spending a long time in probate court.

With offices in Howell and Fowlerville and serving nearby communities like Lansing/East Lansing and Brighton, our attorneys can help you work through probate administration and assist you in understanding how it can impact you.

Understanding Michigan Probate Administration

After a person’s death, their estate is divided according to their wishes. This process is generally referred to as “probate.” Probate administration is the procedure in which the court makes sure that the deceased person’s (the decedent’s) estate is administered properly to the beneficiaries.

Typically, this is only required if the decedent passed with property still in his or her name and without a clear plan for administration. However, having a will can also require probate administration and can cause disputes if there are disagreements among the beneficiaries.

There are three steps involved in the administration:

  • Marshalling the assets: securing valuations, sorting the property and assembling the assets in general
  • Paying any debts: including funeral expenses and other related costs to the administration
  • Distribution: dispersing the remaining assets to the proper beneficiaries.

While this process seems straightforward, it’s often complicated and lengthy. It also involves appointing a personal representative for the estate, a role that can be thankless and time-consuming.

An attorney can help you sort through all the paperwork and complications, and represent you and your interests in a fair and reasonable manner.

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