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Decades Spent Helping Clients Succeed In High Asset Divorce

At Gormley Law Offices, PLC, we understand that divorces involving complex assets are often more contentious. Each of our attorneys has more than 20 years of experience handling difficult property division agreements, alimony settlements and other related matters. Clients throughout Brighton & Howell turn to us to protect their best interests in high asset divorce.

In every case, we strive to provide the maximum return on our clients’ investment. Your goal is our goal, whether it involves receiving the highest possible share of your family business, securing alimony to support your lifestyle or, in a divorce with kids, ensuring you have the resources available to help your children thrive. With our backgrounds in contentious divorce proceedings, you can trust that we will assertively fight for your success.

When A Complex Divorce Intersects With Business

If you own a business or professional practice, your divorce has even higher stakes. The valuation and division of your business assets in a manner that maximizes your finances is crucial.

We have helped business owners and shareholders in a variety of industries uphold the long-term well-being of their companies, even when faced with a contentious asset division battle. In situations where a divorce and the division of your business may cause a ripple effect on other areas of your life, a property division lawyer at Gormley Law Offices, PLC, can help you anticipate these issues and address them proactively.

Comprehensive Spousal Support Representation

Spousal support, better known as alimony, is often a factor in high asset divorces. Given the income and net worth of high asset couples, support awards have the potential to be substantial. Having an alimony attorney on your side is vital, whether you are making or receiving spousal support payments.

In Michigan, spousal support is rarely permanent unless the recipient is nearing retirement, has minimal work experience or lacks the ability to maintain their marital lifestyle on their own. Permanent support may end, though, when shared retirement benefits come into play.

No matter how long spousal support last, you should prepare for its tax consequences. Since January 1, 2019, the tax burden for spousal support falls on the payor. Recipients do not need to pay taxes on any spousal support payments they receive.

The duration and tax implications of spousal support can cause anxiety for high net worth individuals. While no one should be burdened by their spousal support payments, no one should be denied the support they deserve, either. Consulting with an alimony lawyer at Gormley Law Offices, PLC, can help you ensure that any support payments resulting from your divorce are fair for both you and your ex-spouse.

Friendly With You, Aggressive In The Courtroom

Clients tell us repeatedly that we offer an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. However, you should not mistake our kindness for weakness. As trial-tested litigators, we do not shy away from a tough fight. If your divorce goes to trial, you will see why we have earned a reputation as forceful litigators who are determined to succeed.

Discuss High Asset Divorce Representation Today

For attorneys who can assist you with all aspects of a high asset divorce, contact Gormley Law Offices, PLC. Our experienced team is here for you. To schedule your consultation, please call our Fowlerville office at 517-219-9301 or send us an email.