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Do You Need An Attorney To Create A Will?

The ample supply of legal information and software available on the internet has inspired many people to take estate planning into their own hands. It’s true – having a legal professional help you write your will is not technically required. But ask yourself this: Are you confident that the document you’re creating will take care of your family and allow your wishes to be honored?

We at Gormley Law Offices, PLC, want to advise people in Michigan about the risks of do-it-yourself wills and propose an alternative: Seeking guidance from a skilled, experienced estate planning attorney. With our help, you can rest assured that your will is legally sound and will help you accomplish your goals.

Why People Are DIYing Their Wills In Michigan

Our attorneys understand why a DIY approach to estate planning is so appealing. Why take the time to find an attorney to help you, meet with them and then pay them when you could do the job yourself faster and cheaper? On the surface, DIYing your will seems like a no-brainer – but we urge you to think a little harder.

Why Shouldn’t You Write Your Own Will?

There are many reasons why writing your will yourself isn’t a good idea. Not all DIY wills are valid in Michigan, which means the state can toss it out and follow its own rulebook when it comes time to administer your estate.

And if the state doesn’t question your will’s validity, your family very well could. Disputes over your will could keep your family in court for months, squandering time and money while creating preventable unrest among its members. Even if family disagreements aren’t slowing things down, probating a DIY will can take longer anyway.

In creating your own will, you may overlook and fail to implement strategies to help you avoid estate taxes. You might not adequately factor in the needs of minor children or loved ones with special needs.

If you own a small business, your DIY will might not be equipped to address the complexities of your succession plan, leaving it vulnerable to the whims of the state.

Finally, if you have a blended family and your DIY will is rendered invalid, they might not be entitled to anything if they don’t fit into the state’s narrow definitions of a family member.

Speak To An Estate Planning Attorney Today

If you’re beginning your estate planning journey, don’t risk doing it yourself – seek guidance from an experienced legal professional. Our attorneys are standing by, ready to help you get started. We offer free initial consultations – call our Fowlerville office at 517-219-9301 or send us a message to schedule an appointment.