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Working To Help Establish A Helpful Guardianship

Making medical and other decisions for an elder or disabled family member can be a difficult undertaking. Establishing yourself as a guardian can help provide some legal coverage while allowing you more flexibility and greater access, and also to care better for your loved ones.

With offices in Howell and Fowlerville, Gormley Law Offices, PLC, helps individuals and families across Michigan establish guardianships and detailed estate plans to care for the needs of their family members.

What A Guardianship Can Do For You

Like a conservatorship, a guardianship allows you to make medical and day-to-day decisions for a ward who is not able to make those decisions for him or herself. These decisions can be related to medical care, the management of their finances or arranging spending related to their care.

The appointment of a guardian has to be approved by the court. As the guardian will have a broad range of discretion over financial and personal matters, the court is meant to consider a wide range of factors, including character, history and any other relevant information.

An experienced attorney can help you determine if establishing a guardianship (or conservatorship) is the right move, and can also assist you with preparing the necessary paperwork and making the case in court.

In some cases, guardianships serve as last resorts for taking care of the elderly, disabled or minors. In other instances, powers of attorney can be easier to establish and more beneficial.

We Can Assist With Your Guardianship Needs

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