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Child custody battle brings an unusual ruling

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2017 | Child Custody

Sometimes, a judge must make a difficult decision in family court. This may be especially true in child custody cases when the court must determine what situation will be in a child’s best interests. While every family in Michigan and across the country is unique, some families have circumstances for which there is little precedent. In those cases, the parents will likely need strong advocates to represent their interests before the court.

A family in another state recently presented an unusual case before family court. The man and woman had been married for seven years when they began a romantic relationship with another woman who lived in their apartment building. After the neighbor moved in with them, the three considered themselves a family and decided to have a child together. Because the wife was unable to conceive, the three decided that the neighbor would carry the child.

The trio apparently agreed that they would all parent the child. When the marriage broke up, the father and biological mother agreed to share custody, but the former wife feared she would lose rights to the child who was not biologically hers. She filed for custody rights, and her ex-husband contested her request. In an unusual decision, the judge decided that the now 10-year-old boy was happily adjusted in the care of all three parents, and he ruled that the ex-wife would be allowed regular visitation.

When Michigan child custody matters are complicated, having the counsel of an experienced attorney can make all the difference. Often, parents may not be certain how to stand up for their parental rights. A dedicated family law attorney can provide guidance and strong support.

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