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The emotional rollercoaster of child custody battles

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2017 | Child Custody

It is likely that you have spent recent years attending to the needs of your children. This may have involved a combination of working hard to provide the necessities of life and happily spending time nurturing and teaching your little ones. The bond between a parent and child can be strong. This is why the child custody battle you are entering may be stirring emotions you have never felt.

Divorce is emotional. Nevertheless, to win a fair settlement regarding the time you will spend with your children, controlling your emotions is important. Your mental and physical health will be taken under consideration when decisions about the physical custody of your children are made. In addition, the Michigan court will look at your affection and attention toward the children, your general decency, and your overall fitness as a parent.

On the other hand, Michigan law assumes both parents will have equal legal custody over the children. Legal custody allows you and your spouse to make medical and educational decisions, as well as any choices concerning the well-being of the children. If you and your spouse are both devoted parents, the court will likely grant shared legal custody.

The most advantageous way to settle child custody issues is for parents to work out arrangements together before going to court. If you and your spouse feel this is possible, Gormley Law Offices, PLC can assist you. However, we are also willing to represent you if negotiations with your co-parent break down. We will advocate for your rights and fight to win you a fair and equitable settlement.