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Infertility may not be indicator of divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2017 | Divorce

Many Michigan couples who marry look forward to raising children. In fact, for some, having children is a lifelong dream, and they may plan for it years ahead of getting married by making lists of baby names, reading books about child rearing and even buying baby clothes. However, when time passes after the wedding and no children arrive, the couple may begin to have concerns about fertility. In some circles, it has long been assumed that infertility is one leading cause of divorce.

A recent Denmark study shows that this assumption is not necessarily true. When 40,000 couples were polled after having undergone fertility treatment in the past 15 years, the results showed that only 20 percent had subsequently divorced. The average for those who do not undergo fertility treatments is 22 percent.

Infertility can cause disappointment and resentment in a marriage. Both partners must be committed to the often stressful and expensive regime of fertility treatments. However, the study suggests that the couples who suffer the most anxiety and conflict as a result of the fertility procedures may have had some insecurity in the relationship prior to beginning treatment. In many cases, couples found that going through the procedure together strengthened their bond to each other.

Nevertheless, this is not always the case. The heartache of infertility may be just one element that causes a marriage to break down. Couples in Michigan who find their marriage is faltering may wonder about their options. Seeking the advice of a compassionate and experienced divorce attorney is one way to explore the possibilities for the future.

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