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Communication is vital in child custody matters

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2017 | Child Custody

Many Michigan parents discover how compatible their parenting styles are only after they have begun to raise their children. If the parents are able to adapt and compromise, the level of stress while raising children may be significantly lower than within those families where parents struggle for control of child-rearing. When parents find themselves in the midst of a divorce and child custody issues, that opposition in parenting may cause stress, both for them and, more significantly, for the children.

Every couple is different, and after divorce, the best and worst of a parent may come forward. While one may be willing to cooperate, the other may be less civil. Child-care experts encourage parents to control their own behavior even if they are not able to control that of their co-parent. Refusing to speak badly about the other or argue in front of the children is one positive step a parent can take after divorce.

Some parents refuse to communicate with their co-parents, instead using the children as messengers. This becomes extremely stressful when a child is asked to relay negative, insulting or confusing messages, but can even create an anxious situation when a child realizes his or her parents can’t even share simple scheduling information. The use of emails or texting can relieve a child of this painful duty.

If co-parenting is difficult because parents cannot communicate, counseling may be in order. However, the best interests of the child often require parents to put aside their personal agendas. When Michigan parents have child custody concerns, they may find the answers they seek by contacting an attorney with experience in family law issues.

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