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Study ranks rate of divorce based on occupations

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2017 | Divorce

Whether from a desire to find a solution or simply a fascination with statistics, analysts continue to study and rearrange data concerning marriages and divorces. Michigan couples may be encouraged one year and frustrated the next to hear the interpretation of data that supports longevity in marriage before dousing hope with dismal news of high divorce rates. Recently, however, a study has ranked divorce potential according to employment industries.

Apparently, people who work as actuaries — those who analyze and mitigate risks, especially in the world of finance – experience a very low rate of divorce, hovering around 17 percent. Close behind actuaries, others whose love lives seem balanced and harmonious are those who work in fields of science, religion and medicine, with the exception of nurses. In fact, nurses ranked among those with the highest rate of divorce, about 47 percent, but still not close to the nearly 53 percent divorce rate among bartenders and gaming managers.

While the authors of the study are careful to point out that the study does not indicate the jobs are the cause of marital strife. Rather, the research suggests that perhaps people who end up working in certain professions have common personality traits that make them more likely to overcome the conflicts that often lead to divorce. The results may also indicate that high-stress-low-income jobs often do not help a couple maintain a solid marriage.

Of course, marriages are made of unique people and unique circumstances. Often, a job (or lack of job) is just one small factor. The commonality in divorce is almost always the desire to receive a fair settlement with as little frustration as possible. Having the assistance of a dedicated attorney is one way those in Michigan can improve their chances of ending with such a settlement.

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