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Contempt is the number 1 divorce predictor

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2017 | Divorce

It seems as if researchers are constantly studying the reasons why marriages break up. While some studies come up with far-fetched causes for divorce, others make more sense and may help Michigan couples who are willing to take an honest look at themselves. One psychologist has studied married couples for decades, and he has named one behavior as an almost certain predictor of divorce.

Couples may fall into a pattern of negative communication when they begin to lose respect for one another. Those who communicate with criticism, defensiveness, avoidance and contempt may place their marriages at risk. The most destructive of these patterns is contempt because it may consume a couple’s entire relationship, preventing them from appreciating each other’s positive qualities.

When spouses speak with contempt, they may shame and insult one another, failing to hear the other person’s side and taking no responsibility for the decline in affection or respect. A pattern of contempt can become a habit that is difficult to reverse. However, couples who are willing to remember their affection for each other and refocus on the positive aspects of the relationship may be able to regain the promise of a long future together,

Unfortunately, this healing is not always possible. If one or both spouses is unwilling to make the smallest changes for the sake of their marriage, the relationship is likely to end in divorce. Michigan spouses concerned about protecting their rights during a contentious divorce would be wise to seek the counsel of a family law attorney.

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