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Criminal defense protects the rights of the accused

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Police may spend a large portion of their time attending to drug-related activity in Michigan neighborhoods. Without question, the fight against dangerous and addictive substances is a difficult one, and law enforcement may feel overwhelmed at times. Out of zeal, poor training or unethical reasons, some officers may deny the rights of those they accuse of dealing drugs. This is why building a strong criminal defense is important for those facing drug-related charges.

On a recent Thursday, police officers arrested a man in a residential area sometime before 11 p.m. Authorities claim to have received a call complaining of a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood. When police arrived, they discovered a 45-year-old man allegedly selling drugs. Police say the man was in possession of various quantities of methamphetamines, crack cocaine, heroin and marijuana. Reports did not disclose the exact amounts of these substances.

The man was arrested and now faces charges for aggravated drug trafficking, heroin trafficking and felony possession of cocaine, among others. He is also charged with two counts of tampering with evidence, though the details of that charge are not clear. Apparently, the man has a previous drug conviction, but his 90-day sentence for that offense was suspended.

Authorities held the man in jail in lieu of a $50,000 bond until the results of his upcoming court hearing. Like this man, others in his situation may feel their rights were violated during a search or subsequent arrest. These rights are protected by the law, and anyone in Michigan facing charges would benefit from the criminal defense strategy of an experienced attorney.

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