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Divorced parents feud over daughter’s remains

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2019 | Wills & Trusts

Many in Fowlerville often ask when is the ideal age to prepare a will. Unfortunately, there may not be an easy answer to that question. Some (especially teens and young adults) may see no need to prepare a will due to the fact that they do not have significant assets to dispose of. Yet while one of the main purposes of a will is to detail how one wishes their assets and properties to be dispersed amongst their designated beneficiaries, it can also dictate what one wants to be done with their most prized possession: themselves. 

Unfortunately, that apparently was not on the mind of a young Illinois woman when she went to serve as a missionary in Africa. Her trip ultimately ended with her dying from malaria. Now, her parents are feuding over what do with her remains. The couple (who are divorced) reportedly had an agreement in place to split the young woman’s ashes. Her father is now alleging that her mother never had any intention of fulfilling that agreement. The woman’s remains were sent to her sister, with her mother’s half then being buried next to her maternal grandmother. Her mother has since stated that she does not intend to send her father the remaining ashes, as he and woman had not had a close relationship in the years prior to her death. 

Had the young woman had a will stipulating what she wanted to happen were something to happen to her, this dispute may not be occurring. While many her age likely do not consider such things, all adults are counseled to prepare a will prior to any major undertaking. Those needing help doing so might find an attorney to be a valuable source of such assistance.