You may have questions about child support during your divorce. Perhaps your friends, associates and family members have told you that the court will keep tabs on how you spend the money. Your ex may have said you are supposed to provide him or her with receipts or may even have a list of expenditures he or she deems acceptable to spend child support on. Understandably, you are probably feeling some anxiety if you are hearing these claims.

Fortunately, these statements are untrue, as FindLaw explains. While it is true that child support is meant for the physical and emotional well-being of your children, you retain control over how to spend the money and what you deem appropriate for your children’s benefit. For example, you may use child support in the following ways:

  • Food, clothing and other necessities
  • Utilities and housing expenses
  • School supplies, tuition and extracurricular activities
  • Doctor copays and prescriptions
  • Savings for emergencies or college funds
  • A birthday present, movie ticket or restaurant meal with your child

You are not required to show the court your spending habits, nor must you give your ex-spouse receipts or submit to his or her child support spending demands. Your obligations are to ensure your children have a safe, secure place to grow up in, to keep them healthy and to build happy memories with them. Child support can contribute to each of these concerns. Since family law issues can be complex, the information in this blog is not meant to replace the advice of a lawyer.