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Requesting a psychological exam for your children

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2020 | Divorce

Divorce is a difficult process. The issues and stress divorce brings about may make both spouses uneasy and on edge. 

When a divorce involves children, the parents may have a difficult time setting aside unpleasant feelings towards each other. Should the negativity persist in the presence of the children, it may cause significant harm to their psychological development. We aim to provide you with information to recognize your children’s mental and emotional stress. Become familiar with these signs that may indicate the other parent is influencing their feelings towards you. 

They withdraw from physical affection  

When facing conflicting points of view, children’s behavior may start to change. They may act out when with you, or they may withdraw. If your children stop hugging you or showing any signs of affection, you may want to consider the reasons behind it. It may not have anything to do with their ages, but rather with the type of negativity they carry from the other parent’s home towards you. 

They indicate their unwillingness to visit  

A parent who is not happy with the divorce may condition the children to remain with him or her instead of visiting the other. When this happens to you, the excuses may seem innocent at first. You may hear that there is a project due, or perhaps the other parent is hosting a sleepover on your weekend. Instead of fostering a positive relationship between you and your children, the other parent is looking for ways to sabotage it. If you do not take proper action, your relationship with them will suffer. 

You may request the court order a psychological exam of your children to determine if the other parent is negatively influencing them. For more insight into this and other divorce-related issues, please visit us here.