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Why do couples drift apart?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2022 | Divorce

Many divorce cases happen for concrete reasons, such as an affair or financial trouble. But a lot of divorces also happen because couples just feel like they’ve drifted apart, the relationship has changed and they are no longer connected the way that they were before. If you asked them for a single moment when they knew it was time to get divorced, they couldn’t provide one.

You may find yourself wondering why this could even happen. What causes it when the reasons are so unclear? Could it happen to your own relationship? Let’s examine the hidden factors that may cause this type of divorce.

Focusing on parenting

It has been found that empty-nesters sometimes tend to get divorced when their children move out. In some cases, this is because the couple was focused on being parents. They were still married, but they hadn’t really focused on their own relationship in 20 years. Having the kids in the house disguised these issues or made them harder to notice, but they become clear when the children leave.

Growing older

It’s also important to note, for couples who got married early, that brain development doesn’t finish until around 25 years old. This means that simply growing older could cause you to drift apart from your spouse as you both grow and change in different ways. If you met in college and got married at 21, there’s no guarantee you’ll even feel like the same people at 31, and you may no longer be compatible.

A busy career

It’s also no secret that someone who is very busy with their career may not put enough attention to their relationship. In some cases, you may feel like you or your spouse have to choose between the two. Life is busy, careers are demanding and a spouse who is always at the office or on the road may not be the ideal spouse for the home life you’d like to have.

Splitting up

If you do end up getting divorced for any of these reasons, be sure you know what legal steps to take. You need to consider how to divide the assets you own, how to set up custody for your children and much more.