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Communicating with your ex about your children

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2024 | Child Custody

If you’re going through a contentious divorce, one thing that you might be looking forward to is never having to deal with your ex again. That’s possible in some divorces, it’s not generally possible in ones that involve kids.

As long as you and your ex are both playing roles in your child’s life, you’re going to have to communicate with each other. These tips may make it a little easier to communicate with your ex as you make decisions regarding your children.

Always make respect a priority

Respectful communication must always remain a priority. Discussions should always focus on the matter at hand and there’s shouldn’t be any personal attacks while you’re talking. Remember to consider how certain phrases or statements may be perceived because there’s a chance that you or your ex may say something seems disrespectful even if that wasn’t the intention.

Choose communication methods with the least risk of conflict

You and your ex have to find the communication method that works for your situation. Some people may prefer phone conversations, but others may prefer digital communication like texts or emails.

Keep the kids the central focus of all discussions

The children should always be the central point of all discussions between you and your ex. It may be tempting to bring up old issues, such as those that led to the divorce. Those sensitive topics may lead to you or ex becoming emotional and not being able to focus on the issue at hand.

Embrace appropriate conflict resolution methods

A contentious relationship with your ex means that conflicts are bound to happen. It’s critical that you establish appropriate conflict resolution methods. For example, taking a step away to review the situation and calm down may be the best option if things get heated.

Having a legal representative on your side may be beneficial as you go through your child custody situation. They can provide you with information about what’s legally possible and how each option may impact you. All the terms you and your ex agree upon for communication and anything else related to the children should be spelled out in your parenting plan to better ensure enforceability.