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Divorce happens for many reasons, studies show

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2017 | Divorce

A fairy-tale wedding does not always mean happily ever after. In fact, some studies show that the more a couple spends on a wedding, the more likely they are to end in divorce. The reason for this may be that many couples — who now spend an average of $26,600 on a wedding — may also have student loans and other debt that causes tension and strain between the new husband and wife. However, fancy weddings may not be the only predictor that a Michigan marriage will not end happily.

Cheating, of course, is a frequent reason why couples split up. These days cheating can be done online, but the lack of physical connection does not lesson the damage it may do to a marriage. Similarly, spouses who spend too much time on social media, especially those who reconnect with exes, are finding themselves in divorce court.

Some studies show that couples with more education often have more success handling their money, which may eliminate stress from poorly managed budgets. College-educated spouses may also have better paying jobs, which may reduce chances of financial instability in a marriage. However, if those jobs include a long commute, their likelihood of divorcing increases. Apparently, those with long commutes of 45 minute or more tend to bring that rush hour stress home with them.

Over the years, study after study has shown new and diverse reasons why couples may divorce. Each Michigan marriage is different, though, and the reasons why a marriage ends are often personal and unique. Although some partners may divorce through litigation, more couples are choosing mediation to reduce the trauma of divorce. Whatever the reasons or ways a couple divorces, legal counsel is invaluable for ensuring one’s rights and interests are protected throughout the process.

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