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Couple loses child custody when DHS says their IQs are too low

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2017 | Wills & Trusts

Being a parent requires many important qualities. Parenting involves patience, selflessness, devotion and other strengths, many of which Michigan mothers and fathers learn along the way. However, the parents of two boys in another state are fighting for child custody because the Department of Human Services apparently believes they do not have IQs sufficient for raising children. Both parents have IQs in the 70s, below the average of 90 to 110.

Four years ago, when their youngest son was born, a friend who was living with the couple called child protective services because she felt the parents were not responding to the baby’s cues. Despite the fact that a social worker saw no evidence of abuse or neglect in the family home, the child was removed from the parents. Recently, the couple had a second son, and DHS took custody of him immediately after his birth before they could even take him home.

DHS has made numerous demands of the couple, and they have complied with all of them. Some of the requirements included taking parenting classes, nutrition instruction and CPR certification. Nevertheless, DHS has made no move to return the children to their parents. The social worker who supervised visits supports the couple in the quest to get their children back.

Losing child custody can be devastating and confusing. The fight to regain custody of a child can be emotional and frustrating. Whether a parent is going through a divorce or is facing allegations of unfitness, seeking legal guidance can prove advantageous. A family law attorney can assist people in Michigan when they fight for the right to parent their children.

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