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What is a big estate planning mistake to avoid at all costs?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2018 | Estate Administration & Probate

Estate plans are critical to prevent the issues that can delay or prevent the transfer of one’s assets to future generations. Many people in the Fowlerville area do not realize that their estate plans may not be enough to keep their loved ones from squabbling after they die. In order to maximize the protections and benefits of estate planning, you must remember to structure them to help your family and friends avoid emotional and financial hardship.

After careful planning, it is important for you to inform your loved ones about your concerns and estate plans. Failure to do so can put your final wishes, beneficiaries inheritances and family’s relationships with each other in jeopardy. It can also cause your estate to end up in probate court. Here is why it is essential for you to talk to your family about estate planning.

A person’s estate can be divided in several ways — equally, half and unequally, states Forbes. This is often a significant source of contention between siblings and relatives. Though you have no way of knowing how your loved ones are going to react to your death, you can talk to them to help them understand your intentions.

Make sure your most-trusted family members know where they can find your financial documents, estate plans, passwords to accounts and other relevant information they might need after your death. Consider leaving behind a personal letter for each beneficiary to help smooth any potentially ruffled feathers. Do what you can to minimize drama now so your family can focus on grieving and not look for ways to contest your will and estate plans.