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Understanding Michigan’s Custody Laws For Unmarried Parents

When unmarried parents try to decide how to handle their child’s upbringing, there’s a lot to discuss. While every custody situation is inextricably linked to the conditions and lives of the parents and children, Michigan’s custody law for unmarried parents will play a key role.

At Gormley Law Offices, PLC, we have a significant history of providing advice and support on problems related to child custody for unmarried parents across the Brighton and Fowlerville areas. Finding a divorce attorney who cares about you can be difficult, but John L. Gormley makes a point to listen to clients and demonstrate his devotion to their needs.

How Does Custody Work With Unmarried Parents?

In Michigan, regardless of marital status, the law does not favor one parent over the other when it comes to custody. Even more so, if you and your child’s other parent can come to an agreement, the law will support you so long as it fits with the child’s best interest.

This situation incentivizes families to reach a working custody agreement and encourages kindness in these matters. If two sides work together, it’s infinitely easier on the children. John Gormley’s amicable, compassionate approach as a lawyer is ideal for this.

However, you should know in a large number of cases, mothers are often the ones who end up with physical custody of the child. This is due to the fact that primary custody rests with the biological mother as the default position if the father has not established paternity.

What Rights Do Unmarried Fathers Have?

Simply because the mother is presumed to get physical custody doesn’t mean a father has no chance at it. The law must be fair, and if you can make the case that your home and your day-to-day parenting can make a strong impact on the child, then you may get custody.

There are, however, some complexities to the situation. You may have to obtain proof of your paternity, which requires a court order. This can be a complex matter. However, Mr. Gormley has considerable experience in the pursuit of fathers’ rights in Michigan.

Families Come In Many Shapes

Unmarried parents deserve all the same respect and legal protections afforded to divorced parents. It can be difficult to assert those rights initially, but with time and compassion. Attorney John Gormley and the rest of the team at Gormley Law Offices, PLC, will be here to help you. Call us at 517-219-9301 or send an email using this form.